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Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Extensions are a luxury service.  It requires no glue, heat or tape with minimal points of contact on your natural hair, giving you the least amount of damage.  It is installed with beads that create the foundation in which the wefts are sewn onto. The hair used is by various luxury brands and will be replaced on average of 6-10 months. Blonde tends to be replaced faster than brunettes. Move ups are done every 7-10 weeks.  Whether you're looking for volume, length, or mermaid status, hand tied extensions can be customized for all hair types!  I am currently certified and using Invisible Bead Extensions.

Why IBE?​
  • The most natural looking hair extensions

  • Less damaging than other methods

  • Hidden beads on top and bottom, including during grow out

  • Off scalp method of laying track so there is no scalp irritation

  • Off scalp method of track allows for complete comfort and versatility 

  • Hair is custom colored to match your hair for a seamless blend

  • Hair lays naturally  (Not over-directed)

  • Hair can be worn in high ponytails


The Investment

Alright, now you got the info so next question is the cost right? Luxury Hair Extensions are an investment so lets break it down.

Your initial Install Package is for the first appointment of getting extensions.  This cost may look quite different and here's why: This cost includes 'The Works'.  It covers the Luxury Brand Covet and Mane hair extensions, custom coloring of your natural hair AND the extension hair to give you a seamless blend, the extensions application, cutting and blending, styling, and a customized package of 3 full size products I recommend using at home.

A $500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit will be taken after you decide to move forward with booking your extension install appointment.  That amount will go towards your total after the service is complete.

Maintenance appointment prices are for extension move ups only, color is priced separately. 

Initial Install Packages

22" Hair Extensions

1 row: $1100-$1600

2 rows: $1900-$2700

3 rows: $2200-$2900

18" Hair Extensions

1 row: $950-$1300

2 rows: $1600-$2250

3 rows: $1850-$2500


1 row: $175

2 rows: $330

3 rows: $425

*These prices do not include color.  For a list of color services, click HERE

Before & After
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