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Hey There Beautiful!

Welcome to The Golden Mane!!

If you are a new guest, you have come to the right page! Your experience begins with you filling out either a 'New Guest Form' or an 'Extension Application Form'. Once I receive your submitted form, I will be in contact with you to determine the best type of appointment for you that you can request through my booking system. I look forward to meeting you!

If you are looking to add fullness AND l

New Client



Hair Extension


 You will find me inside Waves Salon at 25230 Borough Park Dr.

I am down the hall past the front desk, 2nd door on the left labeled  'The Golden Mane'. 

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the front desk to your right. They will notify me you are here and either direct you to my room or to take a seat in the waiting area until I come and get you.

Your appointment will begin with a thorough consultation where we will determine the best plan for both your first appointment as well as your long term maintenance to ensure your goals are met and your hair always looks great.

After your consultation, sit back, relax and enjoy the wifi and amenities while I work some magic!  I understand these appointments can be lengthy so please feel free to bring an ipad to watch a show or your laptop to catch up on work.  You may also enjoy a refreshment which includes bottled water, flavored sparkling water, hot and cold coffee, tea and a selection of healthy snacks! As much as I love chatting it up with you, I am 100% okay giving you some quiet time to fully allow you to relax as this is your time!

At the end of your service, I will walk you through at home care recommendations and styling tips to help you maintain your new gorgeous look!

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